STEM Preschool Activities Using Flashlights & Blocks: An Insight For Parents

STEM Preschool Activities Using Flashlights & Blocks: An Insight For Parents

Like what you hear about STEM preschool activities using flashlights & blocks don’t know if they suit your kids? If that is so, this article is for you.

Children have to be engaged to learn: kids would be unable to stay focused if they don’t feel intrigued. That is why more and more parents decide to use STEM activities, which allow the kids to take the initiative, as the main teaching methods. For preschoolers, STEM preschool activities using flashlights & blocks seem to get lots of compliments nowadays. Still, as different kids often have different personalities, the suitability of such activities remain inconclusive.

So you want to learn more about STEM activities including the preschoolers-oriented ones with flashlights & blocks before actually setting them up for your kids? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place.

STEM Activities: Issues To Address

  • What Is STEM?

To put it plainly, STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. For children to excel in the future, it’s essential that they get to know STEM activities at an early age. Instead of teaching the kids about separate subjects through independent lessons, STEM tends to be inquiry-based, well-rounded and place emphasis on interdisciplinary learning. Hence, through STEM activities, the youngsters could gain key skills like critical thinking, problem-solving,…

  • Why Use STEM?  

Being child-centered, STEM activities permit young children to take charge of the learning so regardless of the results, they still push the kids forward. By using STEM, parents should be able to persuade the youngsters to experiment, learn from failures and push for successes. Aside from teaching,  STEM activities also build a passionate love for exploring, discovering and creating which likely guarantee continuous growth throughout a person’s life.

  • How To Build STEM?

These kinds of days, parents may choose from a variety of STEM activities with multiple lessons, tools and so on. In case you need a couple of tips and tricks, check out the following analyses.  

Science: Activities could feature lessons in physics, chemistry, geology, biology, …

Technology: Computers, smartphones, tablets and so on would teach children lots of things about technology.  

Engineering: From building bridges out of bricks to assembling simple machines, parents have numerous options.  

Math: One-to-one counting, sorting, patterning,… these activities all help the kids familiarize themselves with the basics of math 

  • Is STEM Good For Preschoolers?

Generally speaking, STEM activities work wonders in encouraging preschoolers to keep on expanding their horizons. Because of that, if you like to prepare your youngsters for the future, it’s strongly recommended that you expose them to STEM at once.

STEM With Flashlights & Blocks For Preschoolers: What You Must Remember

Overall, STEM preschool activities using flashlights & blocks seem to be straightforward but they pack many interesting lessons for young children. In addition, these activities only require low-cost items so they tend to be well-liked by budget-minded parents.

Things You Need To Get

  • Flashlights: Standard models should be good enough but for optimal experiences, it’s widely advised that you prioritize ones with multiple built-in illuminating settings. Aside from STEM activities, such flashlights also prove handy on numerous occasions like power outages.
  • Blocks: These kinds of days, you would be able to pick up an assortment of highly affordable colored magnetic blocks from the average toy stores. Moreover, if possible, go after blocks that connect with each other to form various shapes.

Setting Up The STEM Activities

Considering the use of flashlights, it’s necessary that you plan the activities in dimly-lit rooms so as your children may explore the illuminations. Since colorful lights fascinate kids of all ages, the youngsters would be thrilled once they realize that they could create dazzling radiances by flashing the flashlights through combinations of blocks. As your preschoolers experiment around the colored blocks and light intensities of flashlights, they naturally learn a lot about colors.

Furthermore, as they attach the magnetic blocks for new light patterns, it’s just a matter of time before your kids start assembling actual structures. That is going to teach the youngsters valuable lessons about building constructions that hold together. Undoubtedly, your children would have a blast putting together different blocks to build different structures. Also, as the kids construct block structures, they gain more things to experiment with: shadows.

Because your preschoolers likely burn through batteries at fast paces during STEM preschool activities using flashlights & blocks, it’s wise to stock up some beforehand. By making sure that the children have enough batteries, they could enjoy themself to the fullest which improves the experiences.

Conclusions: The Activities Prove Beneficial

Though they fall short of being the best STEM activities for every child, STEM preschool activities using flashlights & blocks nonetheless teach the preschoolers useful lessons. Therefore, if you want to introduce your kids to STEM and let them have fun while learning, you should consider grabbing flashlights and colored blocks. 

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