Night Angel Vs. Snap Power: Which One Should You Grab

Night Angel Vs. Snap Power: Which One Should You Grab

Night Angel vs. Snap Power, which one is the superior product? Take a close look at this article if you want to know the answer to that question.

Unlike LED light plugs, LED outlet plates allow you to illuminate dimly-lit corners in your house without losing the use of the actual outlets. That is why more and more people decide to pick up the outlet plates that have tiny integrated LED lights instead of the light plugs. Various models exist on the market but in terms of prominence, two plates stand out: Night Angel and Snap Power. Needless to say, once it comes to the best LED outlet plate available for purchase, one topic attracts significant interests: Night Angel vs. Snap Power.  

You wish to know more about these fine illuminating plates so as to get the one that matches your preferences? Well, if that is what you have in mind, this article is for you. All the details regarding Night Angel and Snap Power could be found down below, check everything out to make informed purchases.

Comprehensive Reviews Of The Outlets Night Angel

  • Purposely Made For Universal Installation

Being highly adaptable, Night Angel snaps onto standard power outlets of households without much difficulty. In most of the case, the setup process would only take a couple of minutes. Additionally, due to its slim and sleek profile, the LED outlet plate blends in extremely well so you don’t have to worry about sticking out like a sore thumb. Overall, assuming that the installation proceeds smoothly, Night Angel should be able to offer bright, unobstructed illuminations to your house.

  • Low-Draw, Money-Saving Design 

In use, Night Angel draws less than 5 milliamps (mA) which is why it places negligible strains on the power grid. In terms of operation expense, the illuminating plate cost you around 5 cents per year, a major plus if you want to avoid hefty utility bills. Furthermore, boasting an impressive average lifespan of 100,000 hours, Night Angel could perform admirably for years before you must get replacements. Finally, since the LED outlet plate comes at an affordable price, it is undoubtedly the ideal product for budget-minded homeowners these kinds of days.  

  • Operate In An Autonomous Manner 

Thanks to the integrated LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) that monitors ambient lights, Night Angel is capable of working by itself. As the resistor notice changes of light intensities in the surroundings, the internal On/Off circuit would be automatically activated. Because of that, after you finish installing the LED outlet plate, feel free to sit back and contemplate the pleasing lights coming from Night Angel. All in all, throughout the day, the LED lights of the outlet plate light up and shut down without requiring you to lift a finger. 

  • A High Level Of Safety 

Made from rugged ABS plastic, Night Angel endure heat well which makes it quite resilient while facing fluctuations of temperatures. In addition to that, the well-insulated surfaces of the LED outlet plate keep people safe from potential electric shocks. Compared to other illuminating plates, Night Angel lacks wires, brackets, batteries and similar components, therefore, everyone could casually handle it. In addition, the LED lights of the plate always remain cool so they should never burn your skins if touched.  

  • Optional Styles (Duplex And Decor)

Available in a couple of styles, Night Angel lets you choose what best fits the wall outlets in your house. The layout of the lights is shared so the styles have the same illuminating capability. 

Snap Power


  • Homely Light Bar For Household 

In the beginning, Snap Power and Night Angel both used spaced-out built-in LED lights to illuminate the surrounding.  However, nowadays, Snap Power utilizes a series of lights kept close to each other to produce a cozy light bar. Thus, once it comes to Night Angel vs. Snap Power, Snap Power is often preferred over Night Angel by people that desire a warm atmosphere.    

  • Permit Adjustments Of Light Intensities 

Generally speaking, even at full blast, LED lights of illuminating outlet plates don’t cause considerable discomfort to human eyes. Still, if you want to control the brightness of your plates to a certain degree, Snap Power is for you. Due to the minimal dimness/On-Off switch, you could drop the light intensities of the LED lights down to 50%. If necessary, through the switch, you would be able to turn off the lights altogether. That is actually an excellent feature if you need to go away for some time and wish to save electricity.  

  • Straightforward, No-Nonsense, Setup Process 

All you need is a screwdriver to install Snap Power. As for the process, you need to cut power, unscrew the original cover of your outlet, put Snap Power in, wiggle the plate till it fit then screw it in. In most cases, it’s going to take less than half a minute to set up the LED outlet plate. 

  • Able To Last For Decades 

Dependable and reliable, Snap Power should run smoothly for 25 years which makes it a superb product in the long term. The use of tough plastic also ensures that the plate could take a couple of light hits without breaking apart. 

  • Perfect For Multiple Children Families  

The absence of sharp corners, fragile glass, … in Snap Power means that the plate is well suited for households that have lots of energetic kids. Users could rest assured knowing that the youngsters would be safe around LED light plates. 

Conclusion: Your House, Your Choice

As different people tend to have different demands, it’s quite tough to pick which illuminating plate is the winner in Night Angel vs. Snap Power without considering personal tastes. 

In the case you like to get lots of affordable LED light plates for your place then Night Angel is going to be you want. On the other hand, if you want to have high quality adjustable illuminating plates around, it’s strongly recommended that you pick up Snap Power. 

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