How Many Lumens Does it Take For Flashlight to Start a Fire: Be Warned

How Many Lumens Does it Take For Flashlight to Start a Fire: Be Warned

Some flashlights can burn papers, others can cook egg. This article will explain how many Lumens it takes for a flashlight to start a fire. Read on, know more.

Way back when all flashlights are still incandescent, users will just pick what the need. However, as technology has become sophisticated and the need for flashlights became more demanding, you can see more powerful flashlights on the market. So, how many Lumens does it take for a flashlight to start a fire? This could be a very important topic to warn you that you shouldn’t just buy a flashlight and you should keep out powerful flashlights away from children.

Lumens Explained

There’s no other information given by the manufacturers about the brightness of their flashlights, except the Lumens rating. A Lumen is equivalent to 10 times the moonlight on a clear night. So, this means, if you have 10 Lumens, it’ll be 100 times brighter than the moonlight. In most cases, the higher the Lumens rating, the brighter the flashlight can be. A Lumen flashlight is enough to give you some light in the dark. Five Lumens allows you to read the map and around 50 Lumens allows you to search in a small area.
Of course, there are still other factors that can affect why two flashlights of the same Lumen ratings may not have the same brightness. Among the factors are the bulb type, beam pattern, battery, beam distance, and so on. Today, average flashlights have 100 Lumens and they are usually powered by AA batteries. This Lumen rating is enough for everyday use, whether in urban or suburban use.

Uses of Flashlight

At first, best single AA flashlights are considered a household item — a tool to use when walking at night or emergency light when there’s a power outage. However, a flashlight can also be an everyday carry (EDC). There are small and compact flashlights that you can just put in your pocket or an additional accessory in your keychain. So, because most portable flashlights are very handy, they should be powerful or they won’t be of any help at all.

Tactical flashlights, for example, become more versatile than you think. These flashlights are used by law enforcement people with a minimum Lumen rating of 120 Lumens. However, as technology advances, you can see flashlights with several thousands of Lumen specifications. Aside from that, they are also designed to be sturdier, more versatile, and could be a self-defense tool.

These flashlights are made of aircraft-grade or military-grade aluminum. Military-grade refers to the specifications of the aluminum, which is 6,000 series alloy used. So, aircraft-grade aluminum is also for aircraft applications with 7,000 series aluminum heat treatable alloy. These are the hardest aluminum materials available in the market.

How Flashlights Start a Fire?

You have already learned that flashlights have Lumen rating, which could tell you a bit about its brightness. And, you also know that tactical flashlights and other flashlights for that application are made of high-grade aluminum. So, they are more capable than just lighting up to several meters away. Some flashlights are used to start a fire. But, how? And, how many Lumens does it take for a flashlight to start a fire?
There’s a flashlight that has 2300 Lumens and ‘high-efficiency’ reflector that’s hot enough to start a fire. Wicked Laser’s FlashTorch Mini  can start a fire and literally cook eggs, too. With the use of Lithium technology, it will cast a brighter light for a long time. Watch this YouTube video to see everything in action:

If a 2300 Lumens flashlight can burn start a fire immediately, what about the 1000 Lumens? Is it safe to buy a flashlight with such amount of Lumens for home use? There are certain 1000 Lumens flashlights, however, that can also start a fire, but it’ll take time, unlike the 2300 Lumens that immediately ignites the paper. But, with the right focus and concentration of Lumens, 1000 Lumens can start a fire.

The reason behind the fire is heat. If you have a flashlight with a higher Lumens rating, the brighter it will be and the faster it is to generate heat. The heat can cause a fire. Anything beyond the 2300 Lumens will most likely easier to start a fire, so beware.

Safety In Handling High-Powered Flashlights

While it’s practical to buy a flashlight that has a higher Lumen rating, sometimes, it’s dangerous, too. So, if you ever have flashlights with such Lumen rating, make sure to practice safety precautions all the time.

Multi-level Brightness Levels

Most high-end flashlights have sophisticated controls with several brightness levels. The more settings you can get, the better. It’s important to check on this feature and perhaps you can set a much lower default setting so there’s no way you can start a fire accidentally.

Keep in A Secure Place

If you have high-powered flashlights, don’t put it inside your pocket or in your bag that you’ll access often. Some flashlights don’t have security features and you may push the On button accidentally. So, keep it in a place dedicated to it or inside the emergency kit. Ensure that the temperature of your storage won’t be very hot.

Take Off the Batteries When Not in Use

The best practice when the flashlight is not in use is to take off the batteries. Accidental pushing of the On button or any worst-case scenario will be avoided. Keep them in one place, so it’s easy for you to insert the batteries back to the flashlight when needed.

Keep Out of Children’s Reach

Whether you have an ordinary flashlight or you’ve got a 1000-Lumen flashlight, always keep it away from children. Flashlights are not toys, therefore, they should be in any child’s possession.


Regular flashlights with 100 Lumens can’t start a fire. If you find flashlights with 1000 Lumens, there’s a chance that it can start a fire. However, not all 1000-Lumen flashlights are equal in terms of brightness. Some can’t make fire at this Lumen rating, while others can, but still take time. Hence, there’s no direct answer to the question of how many Lumens does it take for a flashlight to start a fire.

Yet, beyond the 1000 Lumens, you can easily generate fire with a flashlight. Like the Wicked Lasers’ flashlight that can burn paper at 2300 Lumens, as well as cook an egg. So, if you have a flashlight with 1000+ Lumen rating, you have to be very careful with it. Whether you’ve seen it generate fire or not, it’s better to keep safe always.

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